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What does the Chat and Map programme offer?

This free programme is part of our Wellbeing service and offers a holistic approach to solving a wide variety of issues that may be affecting the quality of life of an older person.

After the client requests an appointment, a member of the Age UK Somerset team visits them at their home.

It starts with a chat and ends up mapping what daily life is like for individuals. Solutions can then be found to make daily life so much better.

The service treats everyone as individuals and the issues uncovered could range from struggling with rising bills, feeling isolated and lonely, or having trouble coping in their homes. Solutions may be provided through connecting the client with other elements of the Wellbeing service or other services provided by Age UK Somerset, and sometimes the client might be referred to services provided elsewhere.

Who is Chat and Map for?

Anyone aged over 60 in Somerset or North Somerset.  


How to book a Chat and Map appointment

For more information get in touch with our Wellbeing Service using the contact details below.

How to Contact the Wellbeing Service

Telephone: 01823 345615