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Let's Move together and improve together!

Many of our community-based exercise classes are restarting and we are looking forward to welcoming you back!


Find out more about our exercise classes

Stay Strong Stay Steady sessions are specially developed classes that help to improve strength and balance. They can give you greater confidence, reduce the risk of having a fall and help you to stay independent as you get older.

The sessions are follow the evidence-based Otago programme and are run by qualified instructors. They take place in community venues across the whole of Somerset (coming soon to North Somerset!). They are a joint venture with Age UK Somerset and Somerset County Council.

These classes are open to everyone wherever you live.  You will need to complete a short health questionnaire before starting your class.

For more information call The Falls Prevention Team on 01823 345614 or email

How to join a Stay Strong, Stay Steady session

Before you can join a session we ask you to please complete this short health questionnaire/referral form. If you would prefer us to send you a paper copy please call The Falls Prevention Team on 01823 345614 or email

Locations of our Stay Strong Stay Steady sessions

Axbridge Town Hall


Victoria Park Community Hall


Berrow Village Hall


Chard Guildhall


Christchurch Hall


Archie Gooch Pavilion


Ridgway Hall


Martock Parish Hall


Minehead Community Hall


Somerton Parish Rooms


South Petherton Methodist Church

South Petherton

Crispin Hall


Comeytrowe Community Hall


Staplegrove Village Hall



Trident Community Hall


Wellington Football Club


Williton Pavilion


Silver Street Centre


Holy Trinity Community Centre


St Peters Community Centre


Classes will be coming soon in North Somerset

Please contact  ‘The Falls Prevention Team’ for details:
 01823 345614  or email

What people say about Stay Strong Stay Steady classes

April's Story

My name is April and I had a road accident 40 years ago, which has left me with my left side being paralysed. So, it’s a case of the muscles on this side are weak and lazy – a bit like its owner! I’ve been coming to this class since January and I just feel so much more confident with what I’m doing and with what I’m able to do. It’s fantastic, a really brilliant class.

Corinne’s is an excellent teacher. You have got to keep at it though. If you don’t practice the exercises at home for maybe two weeks, you’re liable to slip but if we carry on doing them at home like we have been, we come on in leaps and bounds.

April - Case Study Stay Strong Stay Steady

Kathleen's Story

My name is Kathleen and I’ve been coming to balance class for maybe 14/15 weeks and I’ve come on in leaps and bounds. When I first walked in the door, I was on one of these three-wheel trolley things. I must admit I was falling down, probably 2 or 3 times a day. It was really beginning to frighten me. So they sent me here!

I didn’t find it easy to start because I suffer with a lot of arthritis but I’ve got used to that now and know how far I can go. I can now leave my trolley behind! I can walk with just a stick – if I’m at home I can walk without one. I would really recommend the class to anyone who’d like to try it, because it’s absolutely fantastic.


Kathleen - Case Study - Stay Strong Stay Steady

Ken's Story

In 2012, Ken was in hospital for about 5 months with pancreatitis. 

He couldn’t walk or even hold a pen when he went home. After several months, he went on to use a walking stick but he felt his walking was rubbish and he was desperate to improve. His elder daughter was his inspiration and encouraged him to improve. So, he set himself goals of completing 5K walks. Even though he managed to complete them, he still wasn’t walking properly, was very slow and still eager to improve back to normal.  

After 6 years of trying to improve his walking, he got a referral to the class. As Ken wrote in his progress diary, “while it is only 4 weeks since we started the Stay Strong Stay Steady exercise classes, I myself have noticed a difference in my confidence, such that I am now able to ‘slide out’ in my walking, which has been rubbish since my illness in 2012.” 

Ken practices the exercises learnt from class twice a day and says that the class is an incentive to improve. He is even hoping that one day he will be able to take up his dream of line dancing. “I have tried to do it in my lounge at home but was useless and collapsed in a heap!” 

“Corinne is great, I would recommend it to anyone. Everybody in the group is friendly and it’s nice to be in this group of wellbeing.” 

Ken has also heard about a tai chi class so he is going to start that this year too!  



Some exercises to help prevent falls.

Find out what you can do to prevent a fall

Tips to prevent falls

For more information please contact The Falls Prevention Team on 01823 345614 or email