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  • Ageing Well Manager 

    Name: Dawn

    Activity of choice: Cycling, sailing and walking 

    My role at AUKS: I’m responsible for managing the Ageing Well Team, who facilitate the delivery of exercise classes across Somerset & North Somerset.

    Likes: Cycling – especially on a sunny day, getting out of the office, DIY and cats  

    Dislikes: Having my photo taken, loud cars/motorbikes, confined spaces, impatient people. 

  • Falls Prevention Operations Manager 

    Name: Andrea

    Activity of choice:  Dancing, running, long dog walks, yoga, tai chi (recently discovered!) 

    My role at AUKS: Co-odinating the Falls Prevention classes, supporting the instructors, communicating with the public to promote our classes and their benefits and teaching our strength and balance program to the lovely people of Taunton 

    Likes: Harry Potter, chocolate, animals and trying new things, watching a great movie in the afternoon 

    Dislikes: Bad manners, DIY, mood hoovers and people who make jokes at the expense of others. 

  • Class Co-ordinator for Mendip & South Somerset

    Name: Angela

    Activity of choice: Running, gardening and walking in the countryside 

    My role at AUKS:  As class coordinator for South Somerset and Mendip I am responsible for supporting and developing existing and new classes across the area. 

    Likes: Sunshine! Going to watch live bands (always helps if they are playing at a pub!) and spending time with my kids before they all disappear to university 

    Dislikes: Covid, rudeness, oysters 

  • Class Co-ordinator for Taunton and West Somerset

    Name: Lorraine

    Activities of choice: Walking Football , Golf, Paddle Boarding 

    My role at AUKS: I am class coordinator for Taunton and West 

    Likes:  Being outside, warm weather, listening to music, tai chi and tea,  being a nan 😊 of 3 

    Dislikes: Being late, rudeness, rugby! 

  • Class Co-ordinator for Sedgemoor and North Somerset

    Name: Fran

    Activities of choice: Dancing, choreographing, education, new things. 

    My role at AUKS:  I look after the exercise classes for North Somerset and Sedgemoor.

    Likes: Contemporary dance, street dance, ballet, jazz, musical theatre, creativity, art, history, ideas, bright colours, a view, hearing about people's life stories. Wow moments. 

    Dislikes: Armadillos. Sorry armadillos, but it’s true. 

  • Marketing and Communications Co-ordinator for the Ageing Well and Falls Prevention service 

    Name: Sarah

    Activity of choice: Yoga, gardening, SUP

    My role at AUKS: Spreading the news about our fantastic exercise class and activity sessions far and wide.  

    Likes: Reading, tea, creative writing, tea, watching romcoms, tea, going to the beach with my family, and, did I mention tea? 

    Dislikes: coffee, chicken flavoured crisps 

  • Falls Prevention Co-Ordinator

    Name: Susie

    Activity of choice:  Walking on the beach and in the countryside, crafting and watching crime and period dramas. 

    My role at AUKS: Falls Prevention Co-Ordinator.  I work closely with Andrea and Judy helping to support the administrative side of the service, and helping to promote the service awareness throughout Somerset and North Somerset. 

    Likes: Spending time with my grown-up children, spending time in Devon with my family. 

    Dislikes: Diets, confrontation, disrespect and loud people!