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Let's Move Together and Improve Together

We deliver a variety of community-based classes in Somerset and North Somerset. They are a great way to become fitter, healthier and to meet people. We are delighted to welcome new clients and would love to see you at our classes.

Find out more about our exercise classes

Ageing Well Flexercise Sessions

Our chair-based gentle exercise sessions are called Flexercise!  Flexercise classes are great for any older adult who isn’t very mobile. They are relaxed and informal and the focus is on doing simple, chair-based exercises and just enjoying being around other people.

The sessions are led by qualified Volunteers and the majority are held in retirement accommodation, where they are available only to the residents.  But we also have some open sessions at other venues across Somerset and North Somerset. 

For more information, call the Ageing Well team on 01823 345626


To view all of our classes in Somerset and North Somerset click here to visit our Activities and Events page

Flexercise Workshops

Age UK Somerset is continuing its campaign to get our older residents moving, more often, by running some workshops to enable people to lead chair based activity sessions called Flexercise. The workshops are aimed at people who work with or have an interest in enhancing the lifestyle of the not so young. They are open to carers from nursing and residential homes, volunteers, helpers in day care centres and officers or ‘active’ residents from sheltered homes and they will provide all the information and skills necessary for you to run your own activity sessions.

What people say about their Flexercise classes


Sue T

“Without Age UK Flexercise classes I think my life would be quite different.  The exercises I learn at class have become part of my everyday routine and so have a massive impact on my daily living”. 


Peggy's Story

Peggy* has suffered from Rheumatoid Arthritis since the age of 34.  At age 74 the condition is particularly bad in her hands, feet and knees.  On some bad days Peggy found herself unable to get out of bed.  Finally, after having a heart attack four years ago, Peggy's confidence took a nose-dive and she wasn't getting out of the house at all.

Peggy discovered an Ageing Well Flexercise class and soon found that it helped.  Before she couldn't even touch her fingers with her thumb but after practising her exercises every day she is finding it a totally different story, and the exercise has helped improve her grip.

Peggy is now a regular attendee of Age UK Somerset and said "I wouldn't miss it for the world.  It really helps and I feel much better about myself."

What one of our Flexercise Volunteers has to say


Something that was very fulfilling for me started when I was approached by someone in the Taunton Library, asking if I'd like to become a volunteer again. (I had previously been a volunteer befriender for Somerset Sight.) Hitherto, I was a wife, mother and a go-to for everyone else (or so it seemed). Never much time for ME !

I was asked what type of volunteering would I be interested in and as I had been leading a somewhat sedentary life up until then and had just started to go to an Age UK Flexercise class run by Pat Pike which I enjoyed very much, I thought that would be the path to take.

I met up one day with Di Ramsay who was desperate for someone for the Ageing Well program. I was recruited there and then and have never looked back.

My first class was in a residential complex in Taunton. We have so much fun and the class is well attended every week. I suggested to Di that we run a class in the Blackbrook area as there were no similar sessions running at that time. It has been a great success with a good attendance every week, so people must like it!  We have a lot of fun and laughs as well as the exercise, followed by chat, tea and biscuits.

I very much enjoy all my classes and look forward to seeing all my lovely new friends every week. It has made me realise what a lonely life I was leading before I did my Flexercise!  

As volunteers, we are well looked after and supported by Age UK Somerset and therefore it is a pleasure to work for them. I've never looked back and just hope that I've got plenty of useful years ahead!

Could you help run a Flexercise class?

We are always looking for new volunteers and run regular Flexercise training programmes and workshops. If you could spare a couple of hours each week and think you would enjoy being part of the team, please call Julie Bolton at Ageing Well on 01823 345626 or email

For more information or if you have any questions please contact the Ageing Well team.

Phone:  01823 345626