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Peer Facilitators

Peer Facilitators help us engage with, and listen to the voices of older people.

At Age NI, we are passionate about having older people at the heart of everything we do. We do this by listening and making sure the voices of older people are heard.

This voluntary role is pivotal to us as Peer Facilitators will engage with and listen to older people. They will capture their views, opinions and experiences, so that they inform the work of Age NI.

We listen to older people's views on the issues that matter to us all - Health, Poverty, Social Inclusion and Citizenship.

The views of older people help to inform Age NI on Policy issues and its strategic direction but also directly impacts upon providers of vital services e.g. Health Trusts.

Age NI is now recruiting new Peer Facilitators who are 50 + to develop its work with and for older people.

Peer Facilitators Ann and Emily said:

'The idea of being a voice for older people really intrigued me.'

'Older people we visit tend to open up to us more because we’re older people ourselves.'

'We both come away feeling we’ve really helped.'

What skills or qualities do I need to have?

  • Ability to listen to others
  • Ability to facilitate conversations from a neutral point of view, leaving personal views aside
  • Help identify local people in local areas who would like to have their voices heard
  • Report to Age NI with findings

Peer Facilitator Volunteers

Yvonne McMorris

Yvonne tells us what motivated her to start volunteering for the charity and what she enjoys most about her role.

Carita Kerr

Carita loves later life and volunteers as a Peer Facilitator for Age NI and with her local church.

Get involved

To volunteer, fill out the volunteer form, telephone 028 9024 5729 or email


Last updated: Sep 12 2023

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