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Sheffield 50+ is a voluntary group run by and for its members and open to everyone aged 50+ who lives or works in Sheffield.

Our main purpose is to develop and promote a city which values the skills, experience, knowledge and capability of older people, and which is an Age Friendly city: a city for all ages. We believe in ‘active ageing’ by following the ‘five ways to wellbeing’ and actively promote its adoption across our city.

Our vision is of Sheffield as a city where the contribution of everyone aged 50+ is valued and celebrated, where no-one is treated less well simply because of their age and where we are able to influence how our city runs.

We over 50s have so much to offer – our experience and knowledge and much more. Sheffield needs us to be involved in local life and to remain as active as possible. Join us now, for together we are stronger.

Age UK Sheffield manages the delivery of Sheffield 50+, with membership benefits and conditions exactly the same as those for Friends of Age UK Sheffield.

Follow Sheffield 50+ on Twitter @sheff50plus or on Facebook: Sheff50plus

For more details, contact (0114) 250 2850 or e-mail: