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We have classes for every ability to help you stay fit and healthy in later life.
All taking place at our centre on 105 Greyhound Road, W6 8NJ with the option to join some classes online via Zoom.

It's always recommended that you book beforehand where possible. 

Our most up-to-date schedule of events can be found here.

Breathe & Relax

Mondays 1 - 2pm

Improve your posture, balance and strength. Also available online.

£3 per session.

Strong and Supple

Tuesdays 10:00 - 11:00am

Chair-based movement classes led by Pan £3 per session. Chair Optional. Also available online.

Lumi Yoga

Wednesdays 11am - 12pm

Fridays 10:30 - 11:30am

Dedicated and qualified Yoga instructors provide instruction in this gentle Yoga class designed to improve circulation, stability and flexibility.

£3 donation. Chair optional. 


Wednesdays 12 - 1pm

Build strength, stability and mobility. Also available online.

£3 per session.

Knees, Joints, Ligaments

Thursday 10am - 11am

Develop strength, balance and poise with gentle movement led by Pan. £3 per session. Chair optional. Also available online.

Contact our Centre for more information on classes

If you wish to join any on of our classes, you can email us or call reception on 0207 386 9085

Age UK H&F strongly recommends that you only participate in dance and exercise classes that are suitable for your own levels of physical fitness.

If you are unsure whether to participate, we kindly ask that you first get advice from your GP or medical advisor. There is always the risk of physical injury when participating in any exercise or dance program.

If you engage in our online classes, you agree that you do so at your own risk, that you are voluntarily participating in these activities, and that you assume all risk of injury to yourself or others in your locality. We strongly recommend that you risk assess the environment that you will be performing these exercises in and make sure they are clear of hazards.

Should you be living alone at this time or simply wish to provide an emergency contact number, we welcome you to email We will store this information securely in case of emergencies.