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Support our Winter loneliness campaign

Image of older person alone.

Published on 26 November 2020 02:38 PM

Every year, thousands of local older people call on Age UK Somerset for practical and emotional support.

Before the outbreak of coronavirus, we were already facing a loneliness epidemic amongst older people. But as a result of the pandemic, this crisis has intensified, and this Christmas will be the loneliest yet for the older people most in need.

Now, more than ever, Age UK Somerset needs your help to raise urgent funds.

Now, more than ever, we must not fail those who need us most. The very real threat to older people from coronavirus is well known. Our research tells us that living with this fear, day in and day out, has placed enormous strain on even the most resilient of the older population. The necessary, but painful social distancing from family and friends, and the withdrawal of the services and activities on which many rely has only increased these feelings of isolation and anxiety. For those living on their own, the stress and anxiety has become almost unbearable. And there is no immediate end in sight. Where once there was hope that the worst was over, it’s now clear that that there is even more uncertainty.

This time of year,is always hard for older people. Cold weather and shorter days make it difficult to stay connected to others –and many face difficulties meeting winter heating bills. But, at the close of what has been, for many, a terrifying and isolating year, older people are looking ahead to a Christmas like no other in living memory.

Now, more than ever, no one should have no one. We cannot let older people suffer alone. Not this year. Not ever.

If you are able to donate, even a small amount, it will make a difference and  we will be very grateful.

Donate now to make sure No-one has no-one this winter