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‘Memory Connections’ is our Dementia Maintenance Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (MCST) weekly programme of meaningful and stimulating activities for people living with mild to moderate dementia. 

About our Memory Connections groups

A Memory Connections group session offers its members a range of enjoyable activities providing general stimulation for thinking, concentration and memory. Each week we will cover different themes and topics such as; Life History, Current Affairs, Word Games, Physical activity, Music, Creativity and much more. We aim for the sessions to group led, our members can even choose topics/themes they would enjoy discussing to encourage a greater engagement and enthusiasm.

Our trained specialist team deliver the sessions, group members are encouraged to engage in a wide variety of activities to promote the maintenance of an active and stimulated mind.

Memory Connections (Dementia MCST) can accommodate people with or without a formal dementia diagnosis; please speak to our friendly team for further information.

The Benefits of Cognitive Stimulation Therapy

Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) is proven to initially, slow the progression of dementia and increase quality of life and is recognised by the NHS as THE leading non-pharmaceutical intervention for those recently receiving a dementia diagnosis. CST focuses on exercising parts of the brain which are not used day to day, creating new neural connections stimulating brain growth and maintenance, encouraging new thoughts, communication, word finding and using the imagination when the memory is not accessible.

  • Creates opportunities for people to learn in a relaxed and fun environment
  • Improves concentration, mental abilities and memory
  • Improves mood
  • Allows people to express their feelings and views, and encourages peer support
  • Improves the wellbeing of members and their carers
  • Helps members and their carers to cope and live with dementia

Our Sessions

Memory Connection Groups run across Somerset. These are held in a community halls, and sessions last for two hours each week, giving partners, family members and carer’s valuable respite time.

The groups are small and friendly with a maximum of eight members.

Face to face group sessions are priced at £15 per session.


What some of our group members, their partners and carers say...

“This is my only regular respite I have. It enables me to be me. The group sessions have been a life saver for myself and my husband.”

“My wife is sometimes quite grumpy going into the session, but when I collect her a few hours later she is quite transformed. She is more cheerful with a smile on her face.”

“I enjoy the sessions very much. I think you spend a lot of time doing a lot of good work putting the sessions together. I would definitely recommend them to others.” 
“I enjoy the sessions, I consider everybody my friend now. I think of them as someone I’ve known a long time even though we have never met.”

“Just wanted to let you know that my father has been so much more positive with the last 2 sessions. His level of engagement is greater and he seems to understand better how important it is for him to try and stay connected to the world around him.”

“Your session today lifted my wife’s spirits enormously. Thank you so much for all your input and preparation. It is so nice to see Helen more cheerful during this difficult lockdown period.”


“I really enjoy being with the group, we always have lots of fun and laughter. I also get on well with the other group members and I always look forward to seeing them. I feel brighter and I have less "brain fog" immediately following the session.  It is definitely something I look forward to each week now and it has a really positive effect on me.” 


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Watch the short video slideshow above for a quick introduction to MCST and our Memory Connections groups.

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