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Our purpose

Our purpose is to improve the lives of older people in the London Borough of Barnet.

Our vision

Age UK Barnet is the organisation all local older people trust to support them and enhance their wellbeing and quality of life

We are seen as the foremost voluntary organisation championing older peoples’ interests in the London Borough of Barnet.

Older people from all cultures and backgrounds in the London Borough of Barnet identify us as being relevant to their lives.

We always seek to work cooperatively and in partnership with any other organisations which have similar aims.

We have a reputation for being forward thinking and innovative.

We work with older people and carers as partners in what we do.

Our organisation is well run and on a firm financial footing.


  • To empower all local older people to live healthy, happy and more independent lives. 
  • To combat loneliness and social isolation 
  • To support our local partner organisations in providing the best possible age-friendly services
  • To provide an inclusive service that adapts to the needs of our local community, and values all ages, families and individuals

Our values

  • Community - we seek to understand our neighbourhood, promote a sense of community and cohesion, and encourage integration across ages groups and cultures 
  • Respect and dignity– we value all people, respect their beliefs, embrace diversity and are committed to equality 
  • Compassion– we respond with humanity and treat each other with kindness and compassion 
  • Empowering– we strive to improve health and wellbeing, maximise independence and promote positive ageing 
  • Professionalism and integrity– we will be proactive and flexible in seeking solutions to challenges, and will be fair and transparent in our decision making 

Our strategic aims and objectives

  • Be the go-to organisation for older people in Barnet, be the ones they and their families trust to support them through their challenges and to embrace later life 
  • Focus on reaching the most isolated older people, ensuring that people are visited face to face
  • Increase opportunities to formally seek the views of older people and improve the way we measure impact  
  • Increase the diversity of our client group 
  • Invest in new opportunities for older people to stay active both in person and virtually 
  • Invest in maintaining our high-quality, independent advice offer 
  • Further develop our home support service to meet increasing demand 
  • Be relevant to and inclusive of younger older people building longevity into our relationships enabling our services to be truly preventative 
  • Ensure our systems, infrastructure and investment can support our growth 


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