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In an age-friendly community, policies, settings and structures that support and enable people to actively age are put in place. The WHO defines active ageing as:

“The process of optimising opportunities for health, participation and security in order to enhance the quality of life as people age”.

Creating an age-friendly environment in Barnet has never been more important; we currently have the 2nd largest population of over 65s in the London Boroughs and this population is set to rise by 55 per cent by 2041. Making sure that everyone has the support they need to actively age is something that we should all strive towards to enhance community life for all ages.

In June 2023, Barnet became a member of the UK Network of Age-friendly Communities. This Network will provide us with guidance, connections and support as we work towards making our community services and infrastructure more age-friendly.

This is a community-focused and community-organised project. Any changes which occur as a result of this project will have been identified or inspired by older voices and will always be fed back into our community for all to benefit from.

Age-friendly survey - results

To kickstart the project, Age UK Barnet sought the views of Barnet residents to gain a better understanding of the current barriers to ageing well within our community. Over 1,000 Barnet residents responded - see some of the results here.

The results of this research will help us build a strategy to enhance and improve community life in Barnet in areas such as housing, outdoor spaces and social inclusion.

Age-friendly Try Something New this January Campaign 2024

A guide to age-friendly activities around the borough here.

Silver Sunday event - official launch of Age-friendly Barnet event

A fun-filled day of activities and advice for the over 50s took place at Middlesex University and over 600 people came! Find out the highlights plus photos from the day here.

To get involved and find out more about Age-friendly Barnet, please contact Pippa on 07379 331807 or email her on