Remember Age UK Barnet in your Will and make sure that an older person locally in the future gets the helping hand they need. All gifts make a real difference.

Everyone who remembers Age UK Barnet through leaving a legacy in their Will is making sure that a local older person, sometime, somewhere, will get the help and support they need.

Should you be kind enough to remember Age UK Barnet in your Will, please ensure that you state the full charity name “Age UK Barnet” and the registered charity number 1080458 on all paperwork. Thank you very much for your support.

After providing for your family and friends remembering a charity in your will is a very special way to donate to Age UK Barnet. It truly is a gift of a lifetime and will mean that we will be able to carry on the work of supporting older people in the Borough . This support will be even more vital in the future, because as a nation we are growing older. In just 30 years time the UK population aged over 60 will have increased by 50%.

It will not cost you a penny during your lifetime. It is simple to do and is free from inheritance tax.

Please contact us if you would like to leave or consider leaving a legacy in your Will to Age UK Barnet. 

All gifts, whatever their size make a real difference.

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