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Support Team Age UK Barnet

Published on 24 September 2018 03:14 PM

We've put together a brilliant team of runners who will take part in the Royal Parks Half Marathon in London on Sunday 14 October 2018.

They are all raising money to help Age UK Barnet provide essential services and activities to older people in the borough.

Most know someone who works for us, so they appreciate everything we do to improve the lives of older people. 

From left to right, Ray, Chris, Fred, Ali, George and David

Meet the team 

Every penny raised by our runners will come to Age UK Barnet - so don't worry too much about which runner's fundraising page you click on.

Ali Cura, 25, PA

Ali’s mum Deborah is a t’ai chi instructor for Age UK Barnet, mainly dealing in falls prevention. ‘I wanted to raise money for Age UK Barnet as I have seen for myself the difference the organisation makes to people’s lives,' says Ali. 'I hope this will continue for years to come.’

Ali ran the London Marathon five years ago, and is hoping that the Royal Parks Half will be a walk in the park! Although she goes to gym classes regularly she didn’t keep up with her running so the training is tough. ‘What motivates me to keep training is the thought of people cheering me on,’ she says. ‘I don't want to let them or Age UK Barnet down.’

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David Ansell, 23, graduate surveyor

David wanted to raise money for Age UK Barnet for many reasons – his mum Carolyn co-ordinates exercise classes and falls prevention for Age UK Barnet; his grandparents are getting older and are beginning to need help; and he looked at the increasing rate of severe falls as we age during his sports science degree at uni. 'All this made me want to do my bit,' he says. David plays football but until he started training for the marathon, he didn't go to the gym regularly. 'Now I have to train, it's a real step up,' he says. The fear of not finishing has motivated him to keep training. 'My biggest worry on the day is not finishing!' he says.

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Fred Newman, 21, civil servant

Fred’s mum Helen is chief officer of Age UK Barnet he so really understands the challenges of running a small charity and how the services and activities that we offer make such a difference to the lives of older people in the borough.

He has never done a marathon before. ‘I’ve just come out of uni where I didn't really do much exercise for three years, so starting training has been good,’ he says.

Fred’s biggest worry on the day is not being able to get out of bed and make it to work the next morning.! When he doesn't feel like training, he reminds himself what he's doing it for - and how much better he's feeling being fit. ‘It’s a double whammy,’ he says.

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George Nicolaou, 27, KYC analyst

Both George’s grandparents had care in their later years and he wants to raise money to help other older people to enjoy their time and be supported when and where they need to be.

George exercises most days of the week, whether it is playing football or going to the gym. He has done a few 5k runs and some charity bike rides, but never a marathon or half marathon.

‘I am looking forward to the Royal Parks half as I have always wanted to test myself over a longer distance and I am determined to complete in a reasonable time. Training is currently going well and I enjoy racking up the miles.’

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Ray and Chris Simmons

Father and son team Ray, 64, and Chris, 33, will be raising money together. Ray has already run a marathon and a couple of half marathons before, so is a bit of a dab hand, but he still doesn’t think he’ll beat first timer Chris. Ray enjoys running and doing it for Age UK Barnet gives him a great reason to run and train. Chris is getting married soon so it’s helping him getting in shape for the wedding. ‘Everyone I know at Age UK Barnet does a brilliant job,’ says Chris, ‘and I just want to give back!’

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