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'From me to you'... our lockdown letters competition!

Published on 11 June 2020 01:36 PM

We are excited to announce the launch of our letter writing competition - From me to you - to encourage children in Barnet to write or draw something that we can give to some of the borough's older people.

We aim to reach out to our older friends and help them feel more connected and less socially isolated. We hope children can share their experiences of lockdown and open up the world to an older person who may have been cut off from life outside.
We have two categories for entries: school years 4-6 and school years 7-8, and the winner in each category will receive a £20 voucher!
These letters and pictures will be shared with Barnet’s older community and we will select the best ones for a book that will be available to buy - this book will be a snapshot of these unprecedented times that people will refer to in years to come!

Ideas for children: what to write or draw

  • You could write about what it’s been like for you to experience “lockdown.” Have you learned something new? Explored new local places? Played new games? What has it been like not going to school?
  • Or you could just tell them something about yourself, what your favourite song is (and why), what your hobbies are, a funny memory, even a nice holiday you’ve been on.
  • You could write a short story, do a drawing, write a poem or share a meaningful photograph.
Please drop off entries or send them to us at: The Ann Owens Centre, Oak Lane N2 8LT. We would prefer originals but you may also email scanned copies to Any questions, just email Wendy Nutman.
Deadline for entries is Tuesday 21 July.
Competition rules: Entry is free. All children should live or attend school in Barnet and the judges decision is final.