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Grandparents and Toddlers Coffee Morning - 4 July 2019

Published on 12 February 2019 03:23 PM

Come along to another drop in for grandparents and toddlers at the Ann Owens centre in East Finchley on Thursday 4 July from 10am til 12pm – inspired by Channel 4 show Old People’s Home for 4 Year-Olds, where older people and nursery children spend time together

There’ll be toys and games for the children and tea and biscuits for the grandparents – plus a chance for everyone to take part in a fun, gentle exercise class together.

‘If you look after your grandchild this is a great way to meet other people in the same position – and entertain your grandchild at the same time,’ says Age UK Barnet’s Howard Chapman. ‘And the older people in our Thursday Club will enjoy chatting with the children too.’

This new group is part of a drive at Age UK Barnet to launch schemes that involve older people mixing with different age groups, as research shows that it’s one of the most effective ways of combating loneliness. 

Age UK Barnet already run two successful intergenerational projects -  IT support groups where teenage children help older people with their computer or phone and men’s beginners cookery classes where the teenagers help teach older men how to cook. We find that everyone - old and young alike - gain so much from this experience.

‘Research has shown that Intergenerational contact is more effective in combating loneliness than contact with one’s own age group, and contact with children and young people is an especially effective antidote to loneliness,’ says Howard.

Other findings suggest that engaging in activities across generations contributes more to wellbeing and happiness than material possessions.

‘We are sure that the older people and toddlers will have fun together, share experiences and learn from one another,’ says Howard. ‘And if the first sessions goes well, we hope it will become a weekly event.’

The first grandparent and toddler group session took place on Thursday 28 March. The sessions are currently free, but in future, there may be a small charge or donation for refreshments and the exercise class.

For more information contact Howard on 020 8432 1415 or email him on