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Tennis fundraiser - 17 May

Published on 01 April 2019 03:36 PM

Enjoy playing tennis? Why not enter an American Tennis Tournament and raise money for us at the same time.

The tournament is taking place Our Lady of Muswell tennis club in Muswell Hill at 10am on Friday 17 May and will be followed by a delicious lunch.

Tickets cost £15 each which includes the tennis, drinks and lunch and all proceeds will go to us and help support all the work we do to improve the lives of older people in Barnet.

What is an American tournament?

An American tournament is a round robin mixed doubles competition in which participants are initially paired at random. Timed rounds are played on a rotational basis and anyone can play in an American tournament irrespective of the playing standard.

The rules

  1. 15-minute rounds. Players play as many games as they can in the allotted time.
  2. No advantage scoring. If the score reaches deuce, it’s a sudden death point. The receiver chooses which side to take the serve on.
  3. Play lets. If the serve clips the net and lands in the service box, there’s no let and the ball is in play.
  4. Tied score. If the score in games or points is even when the round ends a sudden death point is played.
  5. Changing partners. At the end of each round losers stay on court, winners move up a court and new pairings are formed.

Please email to book a place with or without a partner.

Venue address:
Our Lady of Muswell LTC
51 Rhodes Avenue N22 7UR