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What I've learnt during lockdown

Published on 07 May 2020 04:06 PM

Linda went into lockdown with her husband Keith at the end of March and has been writing a lockdown diary for us -  a couple of months in, she shares her wishlist, post lockdown...

What I long for - and a few things I've learnt!

  • I'd do anything for a break from preparing meals!

  • Miss crisps,  nibbles and snacks, especially with a glass of wine.  Know I am better off without.

  • Miss being independent in so many areas, shopping, meeting friends, going out, doing my voluntary work.   But we are better off than so many people, and I am grateful for the support we receive.

  • Been said so many times, take pleasure in small things.  It’s true,  now notice birdsong, spring flowers, bumblebees and the trees, and enjoy them.

  • Need to deal with background anxiety about husband, family and the direction the country is taking.  It’s the uncertainty. Breathing exercises help, a good book, noticing small things and keeping busy.  A laugh is good, if one can find one.  People send me  videos on WhatsApp.  Some are hilarious.  Faith that the country will pull through eventually.

  • Amazing what you can achieve when you have the motivation.  In my case, mastering FaceTime and Zoom so that I can see everyone I love.

  • Don’t want to spend my whole life online.

  • Online newspapers are not a patch on the real thing

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