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Man on sofa smilingBarry, 80 from Sands End

"I was impressed the first time I came here, there’s so much going on and the atmosphere is welcoming, friendly and supportive.  We pick what we are interested in, there’s a community spirit, talking to people, having somewhere to go regularly where you know you’re welcome. It makes a lot of difference to my life. More than anything, Age UK Hammersmith and Fulham is the anchor, I spend more time here than anywhere else.

For several years I brought my wife to the lunch club, something to enjoy and get her out of the house where she could meet people. I still come to lunch and to the excellent breakfast on a Mondays. The art group is really good, it’s very well attended and everyone enjoys it. We also do days out to the seaside, talks on benefits and power of attorney.

I’ve got nothing but praise for the people who run the centre, it makes my life a lot fuller and Age UK H&F are my priority in that regard."

Michael - Consultative Forum Case Study

“I joined Age UK Hammersmith and Fulham in 2011. The atmosphere is beautiful, and the staff are friendly people who make you feel comfortable. They were honest, and I learnt a lot about the services available to me.

I have used the Information and Advice service, and in September 2018 I used the Information from the Consultative Forum meeting about the Windrush Scheme. I always advise my friends and family about the support the organisation can give you and what you can learn. It has made me very happy and confident. I would recommend Age UK H&F as they are doing a great job.”

Befriending Case Studies

Practical Help:

“Age UK H&F have really made a difference to my life. I am blind and have recently been relocated to the borough when my last housing was closed.

I hadn’t been able to get to the eye clinic for over a year as I was unable to get there on my own and I don’t have any family or friends in Shepherds Bush or know anyone who could help me get there.

Age UK helped me with my hospital trip, then a haircut (which also hadn’t had done in over a year). I really enjoyed both my accompanied trips, the volunteers were very easy to talk to and they were good about my dog. Recently I have been matched with a volunteer who comes to see me every week. We chat, sometimes we take the dog out, and sometimes my volunteer helps me with some small practical tasks." 


"I used to be a volunteer at Age UK H&F. I had to stop volunteering when I became a full time carer for my husband who has cancer. My daughter lives overseas, and I do have friends and neighbours that pop in every now and then, however everyone is busy with their lives and sometimes I can go for long periods without any visitors other than healthcare. I called Age UK H&F myself to ask if I there was a befriender that could come regularly. Just someone for me to talk to and to be friends with. I miss having contact with people and just having a chat.

Age UK matched me with a lovely girl. She is a single Mum and works full time and has a very busy life. She still finds time to come to see me most weeks, and phones in between. I love talking to her about her life, her job, her children, anything really!

One week Age UK sent a second volunteer so I could go out for coffee and cake with my befriender. I hadn’t left my home in months, as I will not leave my husband alone. The second volunteer chatted to my husband whilst I took a taxi with the befriender to a local coffee shop and spent a couple of hours there It was wonderful”.