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During the lockdown, our services were more stretched than ever but with the help of our local community, donors and volunteers we were able to help many older people in Hammersmith and Fulham. We continued to provide services to help them stay connected to the centre, meet their nutritional needs, be informed of their rights, and learn essential digital skills.

As we cautiously emerge and things return to a kind of normal, we will continue to reach out to older people who experience too many days in isolation regardless of whether or not there is a pandemic.

“I slept well last night, just from being out and seeing people. You won’t understand it but when you’re sitting in a room every day it really gets to you.”

- Lillian Urban, 88, shopping service & befriending client

With your support, we can achieve so much more. Please consider getting involved or donating to help us help more people like Lillian.