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Our volunteers share their experience of volunteering with Age UK Barnet, helping us to improve the wellbeing of older people in the borough

  • Janet's story

    Janet has been a volunteer walking leader for the Montrose/ Silkstream walking group for nearly a year and looks forward to it every week!

  • Shelly's story

    Shelly volunteers in our day opportunities sessions, helping to run activities for people living with mild to moderate dementia.

  • Diana's story

    Diana is housebound and facilitating our online poetry reading group is a welcome escape and the highlight of her month.

  • Corinna's story

    Shopping volunteer Corinna found the perfect volunteer role, combining her love of shopping and her desire to help those people who couldn't leave their homes.

  • Sarah's story

    Sarah couldn't help her own grandparents, who live in Wales, so she became a shopping volunteer to help someone else's grandparents

  • Ross's story

    Age UK Barnet appealed to shoppoing volunteer Ross because getting older is something that happens to all of us and he believes we all deserve something to look foward to

  • Margaret's story

    Volunteer receptionist Margaret became a phone befriender during the Covid-19 crisis, and is a lifeline to a mother and daughter with mental health issues

  • Janet, Georgia and Claudia's story

    Mother and daughter team Janet, Georgia and Claudia are all shopping volunteers for vulnerable clients who are unable to leave their homes during lockdown.

  • Shenalee's story

    The man Shenalee was befriending sadly died of Covid-19 but her continued support was a huge comfort to his family and sons who live abroad

  • Charlotte's story

    After being furloughed, Charlotte decided to volunteer for us as a shopping volunteer - and she very quickly bonded with one of her clients

  • Rikhil's story

    Rikhil came to us to reach out and help older people who, like his grandparents, were self-isolating and were struggling without their usual routines and social interactions.

  • Ruth's story

    Ruth decided to befriend with us after a period of depression and loneliness and knows how important it can be simply to listen to someone

  • Maggie, Digital Inclusion Volunteer

    Maggie started as a voluteer in digital inclusion and now also volunteers as a receptionist.

    Maggie's story 

  • Sami's story

    Sami started volunteering for us after she had to cut short her travels due to covid-19 -  and friendship has blossomed between her and the lovely woman she befriends

    Sami's story 

  • Sally, Cookery Volunteer

    Sally used to run cookery classes for us but during the coronavirus crisis has been phone befriending and shopping for older people who cannot leave their homes

    Sally's story 

  • Ramisa's story

    Ramisa volunteered when she was 15 because it was good for her CV. Now she does it because she enjoys it!

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