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‘It’s given me more confidence and helps lower my blood pressure’

Katie, who has always been active in community life, loves reading, gardening, animals and socialising. Bright and enthusiastic, she first came to our Gentle Exercise class in Stonegrove six months ago, in pain with some spinal and hip problems. She also suffers from high blood pressure, diabetes and has special sight and hearing needs.

‘When I first went along to the class, I only came in towards the end for the tea and coffee because I didn’t feel confident enough to join in. Gradually though, and with everyone else’s encouragement, I was drawn in and now I thoroughly enjoy it.

‘Helena is such an attentive and knowledgeable teacher - and the class adds structure and focus to my week. It also motivated me to gently push myself physically which has been really beneficial to my posture, flexibility and overall fitness. I like the fact that the class is non-competitive and allows me to remain seated while exercising – there’s also time for socialising and I have made some lovely new friendships.

My daughter noticed a positive difference in my spirits and in my posture, and a consultant has recently told me that exercise can help reduce my resting blood pressure measurement. I will definitely keep coming along to these classes, which, along with my physiotherapy at the local hospital, is making a big difference to my life.

Age UK Barnet offers tremendous help, support and opportunities for the over 55s’

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