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 Pat Lives alone and her only son lives in France. She is housebound unless someone can take her out in her wheel chair. Pat was reluctant to have a befriender at first, but now loves Lindsay coming to visit her.

‘I was hesitant at first because I didn’t want to be a bother for anyone but now I can honestly say it has changed my life knowing Lindsay and it gives me something I look forward to,’ says Pat.

 ‘During the warm weather we enjoyed going out to different places on a Saturday,’ she says (with Lindsay above basking in the sunshine in St Stephens gardens).

They are becoming more adventurous, venturing out in the evenings now and again and have had fish and chips and are planning a Chinese meal.

We get on so well and a daughter couldn’t be better to me. She has even sent me a postcard from her holiday.  I do not even have to ask her for help – she cuts up my sandwich for me when we are out because I cannot manage.

Pat’s son originally contacted Age UK Barnet because he was worried about Pat who had limited mobility and hadn’t been out for two years, except to the hairdressers.

‘My husband and I used to teach dance so not being able to move was hard to bear, but since finding Age UK Barnet I don’t feel alone anymore. As well as seeing Lindsay, I go to the music group which I thoroughly enjoy.

‘Everyone is so kind and helpful and I always have a laugh and a joke with the drivers who take me there’