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Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking event

Nordic Walking is one of Europe's fastest growing forms of physical activity and is a great way of staying healthy.

You walk using a pair of specially designed, lightweight poles that provide additional support meaning you get more from the exercise. Nordic Walking provides a numbers of benefits above that of normal walking. It exercises 90% of your muscles increasing strength in your legs, arms, shoulders, chest and back.

Nordic Walking is less tiring than normal walking and it can increase your heart rate by up to 13% meaning that you receive greater benefit through less effort.

Check with your doctor

We would recommend that you check with your doctor before you begin any new form of exercise.

Richard and Susan's story

Poor health problems at the start of the year meant my husband Richard had to take things easy for a few months. We heard about Nordic Walking and I phoned Age Cymru who put me in contact with our local volunteer instructor and we had a taster session in our local park.

Richard was sceptical, but came to watch and was impressed so we decided to take part in a course of five weekly lessons. Soon after we packed our poles and travelled to France, ready to put our training to good use and Nordic Walking added greatly to our enjoyment of the area.

The poles helped us to walk more quickly, go up and down hills more easily and gave very good support when crossing rough terrain. We lost some weight, regained some shape, and most importantly, felt fitter - we even had a ‘convert’, an older French lady who was having problems with walking.

After questioning us, she took up Nordic Walking and we watched her steadily regaining her fitness, independence and social contacts.

Thank you to Age Cymru your training has added a whole new dimension to our lives -we never imagined that exercise could be so much fun.

Molly's story

Molly, who is 73 years old, recently attended a Nordic Walking course and said this about her experience.

I found that I have improved each week. My hips and back are greatly improved and the benefits to my heart and lungs are also becoming obvious to me. My breathing has improved and I am walking much more upright, for longer periods and with more confidence and with better balance too. I am also able to stand for longer.

Nordic Walking is a great fun activity and also a good way of getting out, meeting new people and making new friends. You also always feel safe because you're with an experienced instructor. Even my friend who 'doesn't do exercise' is now eager to start as she has seen such an improvement in me.

If you'd like more information on Nordic Walking and how you can get involved, please contact our Physical Activity team. 

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