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Random acts of kindness

The 17 February 2020 is Random Acts of Kindness Day. A random act of kindness is a selfless act performed by someone to either help or make a stranger or someone you know smile, for no reason other than to make people happy.

We recently asked older people what sort of acts of kindness would make a huge difference to their day.

Random acts of kindness

  • Ask if we'd like to meet for coffee and a chat
  • A phone call to see if I’m alright
  • Fetching something of the top shelf for me in the supermarket
  • Ask if medication needs sorting
  • Just say ‘Hello’
  • Send me a birthday card
  • Tell someone how nice they look
  • Knock on the door and check we’re OK
  • Ask if we need anything from the local shop
  • Holding my arm when I'm unsteady
  • Offer to take me shopping
  • Take me to have my nails done
  • Make conversation
  • I phone my 93 year old Mother-in-law every day to check she's okay and when we visit I take some groceries and flowers
  • Hold open a door for me and smiling at me
  • Offer to take my recycling up to my front drive to the road
  • Help me across the road
  • Try a little kindness
  • Look after each other
  • Reading my mail for me – I’m visually impaired
  • Make me a cup of tea
  • Help me in the garden
  • Open the door for me
  • Ask me how I’m feeling
  • Take me to Church when they can
  • Offer to help me with online shopping
  • Company on a walk
  • Sit with me
  • Take me out for a few pints and fish and chips
  • Have a laugh with me
  • A smile – free to give and receive and contagious
  • Make me laugh
  • Help me into my wheelchair
  • Giving up your seat on busy public transport for older people
  • Greet your neighbour with a smile
  • A small gift of garden flowers / veg / homemade cake
  • Call in for a coffee with someone you know is lonely
  • Send someone flowers
  • Volunteer to help an older person
  • Get to know me
  • Loneliness can mean missing out on contact. Don’t be afraid to greet with a hug if it's safe to do so
  • Send a letter to people who are lonely. It’s nice to receive a letter
  • Send a little card ‘Thinking of you’
  • Ask if we need help to arrange a flu jab
  • Be a good neighbour
  • Make time for other people
  • Make me a birthday cake
  • Fetching me a blanket or a cushion
  • Look out for people, keep an eye on what they need
  • Joining me in the café if I'm alone.

Why not make someone’s day today and carry out a random act of kindness. One small act of kindness can and will make a huge difference.

Feel free to share your acts of kindness with us on social media, we'd love to see them. 


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