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You may be reading this because someone close to you has died recently. Whoever has died, your loss is unique to you, and you will cope with it in your own way.

Reading other people's stories can help understanding what you are going through when experiencing a bereavement and how to get bereavement support. Our guide includes bereavement quotes and stories from people that have gone through a bereavement. It covers some of the practical things that need to be done when someone dies, such as registering the death, arranging the funeral and dealing with the estate. Find out how our guide can help.

Advice on bereavement

Although bereavement is a highly personal and often traumatic event, many people go through a range of recognisable reactions and emotions when someone they are close to dies.

Sometimes people are shocked and upset by their changing and violent emotions when going through a bereavement. Realising that these feelings are quite normal may help.


Grief knocks you off balance emotionally, physically and mentally. If the death had been expected, you tell yourself you should be able to cope, but you can’t. You think you’re over it, and you’re not. You think you should feel all right because you have family and friends looking out for you – but you don’t feel all right because no one can replace the person who has died. Our guides here can help you coping with grief as well as organisations that may help you with bereavement counselling.

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