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Age Cymru’s response to the Census Data release for Wales

Published on 05 July 2022 12:07 PM

Age Cymru’s chief executive Victoria Lloyd says “We celebrate the fact that people are now living longer, enabling them to continue contributing to Welsh life in so many ways.   


“Many older people are carers for their loved ones, in the workplace they bring huge value in sharing their knowledge and experiences gained over many years, while others have become the cornerstone of much of our community-based volunteering.   


“Yet the lives of far too many older people are impacted by ageism and age discrimination, so older people are viewed negatively or stereotyped just because of their age.  Casual and pervasive ageism can mean older people don’t have their views respected or that they are expected to put up with poor quality or inadequate services.  


“Indirectly, it may mean that the needs of older people are not considered when services are designed, so for example, services delivered wholly on-line may discriminate against older people who don’t have the technology or means to access them.   


“We should also remove any physical or social barriers that prevent older people from becoming active citizens in their communities whether it be something simple like unsafe pavements or poor transport links. 


“Tackling ageism in all its form is the cornerstone of steps towards an age friendly Wales which is so vital in supporting our ageing population.”




Last updated: Jul 05 2022

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