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Help an older person this Winter

Afan Nedd Engagement If you have an older friend or relative close to you, our Winter Wrapped Up guide may help them prepare for the winter season

There are some simple things you can do to support them through the cold weather too:

Call or visit more often. The shorter days and bad weather may leave your friend, neighbour or family member from wanting to venture out during extreme bad weather, but it's important that they see and speak to people regularly. Help keep their spirits up so they aren't always alone, this could be of great comfort and help with feelings of loneliness and isolation. Offer to call in, or collect them, and give them a lift to where they need to go. Remember, the need to be social and attend a coffee morning or other activity is as important as keeping a health care appointment.

Make sure they are eating and have essential food items in their cupboard and freezer in case it's too cold to go shopping. Offer to get some bits in for them, when you do your own shop. When you drop their shopping you could help pack away, have a natter at the same time.

Pick up prescriptions if it's too cold for them to go out, or find out if their local pharmacy offers a prescription pick-up and delivery service so they don't run out.

Help to prevent falls. Scatter a mixture of salt and sand on steps and paths outside and around their home in icy weather. Some councils provide free bags of the mix, otherwise try a local DIY store or some larger supermarkets.

Make sure they keep warm. Are they wearing a coat or scarf indoors?

This could be a sign that they're not using their heating for one reason or another. 21°C/70°F is the ideal temperature for their living room, and the rest of the house should be heated to at least 18°C/65°F.

The Magic Numbers

Remember, being aware, shows you care.

Encourage them to get a benefits check to make sure they're claiming everything they're eligible for. To find a service in your area that can offer support with this contact Age Cymru Advice; email advice@agecymru.org.uk or 08000 223 444.

Download our Winter Wrapped Up guide to find out more ways to help someone stay warm and well.

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