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Advocacy Counts 5

A review of advocacy services for older people in Wales

Specialist advocacy services for older people in Wales are disappearing according to our new Advocacy Counts 5 report.

In 2013, when we published Advocacy Counts 4 there were 23 advocacy services across Wales specifically for older people, but that number has now dropped to 19.

As Wales' population ages, specialist advocacy services for older people are becoming increasingly important due to the complex range of needs that older people can experience.

Every organisation who provided data for Advocacy Counts 5 told us they had supported older people who had suffered physical,  financial abuse and emotional abuse.

In such highly sensitive cases as these, it is essential that the advocacy is provided by organisations that specialise in and have expertise of working with older people.

Research we carried out for 'Advocacy Counts 5' shows: 

• Since 2013, there has been a 17 per cent drop (from 23 to 19) in the number of advocacy services specifically for older people across Wales;

• Since 2013, there has been a 69 per cent rise (from 26 to 44) in advocacy services for all age groups across Wales;

• In 2013, there were specialised advocacy services for older people in 21 of Wales’ local authority areas. By 2016, this number has dropped to 17, but there are advocacy services for all age groups in each of the 22 local authority areas.

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