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Published on 08 September 2010 08:30 AM

Life in care homes goes under the spotlight


LIFE in care homes around Wales is going to be under the spotlight at a special event today (Wednesday 8 September).

Experts from across the country are gathering at a national conference in Wrexham to look at ways of improving the lives of care home residents, relatives and staff. 

The event is being organised by the My Home Life Wales programme from Age Cymru.

 Programme Manager, John Moore explains:
“My Home Life Wales is a unique programme Wales-wide programme.

“It works with care home residents, relatives and staff to identify and share ideas that promote good quality of life for people who live in, visit or work in care homes.

“These can be very simple and straightforward ideas, or complex innovations but the aim will be the same –improving people’s day-to-day lives in care homes.

“We’re bringing industry experts from across the country together at this conference to examine some of the pioneering work that goes on in care homes in Wales.

“Our overall aim is to ensure as many people as possible will benefit from some of the life-enhancing ideas that we will be under the spotlight at this event.”

The theme of the conference is ‘Recognising, sharing and developing good practice in care homes for older people in Wales.’

My Home Life Wales is funded through the Welsh Assembly Government’s Health Challenge Wales Voluntary Sector Grant Scheme.  Deputy Minister for Social Services Gwenda Thomas says:

“I have always believed that privacy, dignity and safeguarding are fundamentally important issues  to all in our society and especially so when one is  faced with the prospect of moving into a care home.

“I was most pleased to note, in the Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales’s most recent Annual Report, that examples of pioneering good practices are happening all over Wales and that care home residents and their families are generally happy with the services they receive and welcome the improvements across the sector.

"This reflects the commitment of very many people as well as the strong leadership and the high standards set in place by Welsh Assembly Government.

“There is increasing evidence that more and more care homes are committing to developing personalised care plans that reflect and respect an individual’s wishes. Care plans ensure that identity and dignity are maintained to maximise independence and choice. 

"These changes are to be welcomed and wholeheartedly encouraged.”

The conference programme features a series of presentations and workshops.

Issues under discussion will include the benefits of working in partnership with residents and relatives and overcoming the barriers to developing a good quality of life in care homes.

Workshops will cover ‘keeping workforce fit for purpose and promoting a positive culture’, ‘Improving health and healthcare and supporting good end of life’ and ‘creating community and sharing decision-making.’



For more information: Call Age Cymru Advice: 08000 223 444