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Author: Age Cymru
Published on 21 March 2014 10:30 AM

Age Cymru is concerned about increases to the maximum weekly payable charge for non-residential care in Wales coming into force in April.

The Welsh Government’s weekly maximum charge for non-residential care services in Wales is going up from the current level of £50 to £55 from April 2014 and £60 from April 2015.

Age Cymru feels the charge should stay at the £50 limit until the Welsh Government’s full review of paying for care is completed.
Our Head of Policy and Public Affairs Graeme Francis says:

“Age Cymru disagrees with the rationale of inflation behind increasing the level of the maximum charge.

“People receiving care services at home are unlikely to have received a net increase in their income given the impact of welfare reform and rising costs of fuel and food.

“Given the lateness of this consultation into paying for care, service users will not be able to budget for it.

“Age Cymru is concerned that service users may cancel some or all of the support package that they need, and there will be knock-on effect on their health and wellbeing, and that of their carers.

“We are also aware that some local authorities are levying increased charges for services outside of the maximum weekly charge, such as meals on wheels and attending day centres. 

“Added to this, the effect of cuts in benefits and services and a rise in prices and charges will further increase the financial pressure on many people.”

If you are concerned about  care fees and want information and advice, contact Age Cymru's advice line on 08000 223 444.

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