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The late Sir Naim Dangoor, CBE, kindly supported Age UK’s information and advice work through The Exilarch’s Foundation.

Dangoor EducationIn 2010, Naim Dangoor at The Exilarch’s Foundation generously pledged to support Age UK’s information and advice service online so that people in later life could receive the most up-to-date and current information possible - presented in a clear and digestible format.

The inspirational £1 million pledge over seven years has helped millions of people to do a variety of things online via our website. This includes:

  • improving understanding of care options
  • receiving information and advice about benefits and using our online Benefits Checking tool
  • planning for retirement

Dr Naim DangoorHow these services have directly helped someone in later life:

‘Managing a parent’s financial affairs and arranging a care home is very stressful for many people, like myself. 

‘The information here on care homes was very useful. So this website is my first point of contact when I need help.

‘I am also in my 60s so need this support as like most people my age, I have elderly parents and am trying to work extra years when pensions have performed badly

‘… so it is helpful to see that you are not on your own and the website can help when trying to manage on limited resources.’

Further information

For more information: Call Age UK on 0800 169 8787

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