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Helping an older relative or friend

Although caring for an older person can be rewarding, it can sometimes be tough too. You may not even think of yourself as a carer or be aware of the many sources of emotional, practical and financial support that are available to you. We cover the main things to help lighten the load a little.

Are you a carer?

If you look after your partner, or a relative or friend who is ill or disabled, you are a carer, even if you don’t think of yourself that way.

There are many ways that you might care for someone.

For instance you might:

  • be on hand 24 hours a day to provide care
  • arrange hospital appointments for someone
  • drop round each day to keep someone company or cook their dinner
  • visit a relative who lives far away once a month to see how they’re doing.
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Advice for carers

  • Worried about money

    Caring for someone can lead to money worries, especially if your caring role means you have to give up work.
  • Can you get help from social services?

    If you’re finding caring difficult, a little extra help could make a lot of difference.
  • Looking after yourself

    If you’re a full-time carer or spend a lot of time caring for someone, it's important to make time for yourself too.
  • Juggling work and care

    It may help to know about your rights at work and think about what could help you with managing your work and your caring role.
  • When your caring role changes

    If you’re caring for someone and their needs increase, or they move into a care home, or they die, it can be a difficult time.

Money considerations

A small favour

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