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Michael and Elaine, sat at a table. Michael is looking towards Elaine

Help us support social care

As the social care crisis deepens, and the pandemic brings extra challenges, more people need us than ever. With your help we can be there.

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For the many older people who need social care, or are caring for family and friends, the outbreak of COVID-19 was the latest in a series of challenges. They've long felt unsupported, helpless and abandoned, dealing with a care system unable to offer the support they need.

It's heartbreaking to think there are older people going without the support they need to do everyday things like getting dressed or prepare a meal. And it’s difficult for many of us to imagine how exhausting it must be to provide round-the-clock care without any help at all, especially in later life.

Age UK is here to ease the burden for carers and the people they care for, with the Age UK Advice Line available 365 days a year, and continuing to campaign for a better social care system. This is thanks to our supporters.

The state of care in the UK in numbers

There are more than 4 million carers in the UK who are aged 65 and over


20% of calls to the Age UK Advice Line are about social care

The people you're helping us be there for 

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Being there for Rasila

Rasila has been caring for more than 40 years, first for her parents and more recently for her younger sister, who has advanced Alzheimer's disease. 

“Emotionally I am really drained. Every night I lie awake and think, ‘What next? How am I going to cope?’”

Navigating the care system has been a big challenge. It took 7 months to see a social worker and when she asked for respite support she didn’t get it. The long, difficult days of providing full-time care have left her feeling as though she has no identity of her own anymore, and she couldn’t have coped without speaking to Age UK's Advice Line.

“The Age UK Advice Line was very, very supportive. They listened to me. They knew I was reaching breaking point. I got the answers that I wanted from them.”

Just some of the ways Age UK supports people like Elaine, Michael, and Rasila, thanks to donations

£25 could pay to answer 5 calls to our advice line from older people needing support and advice on coping with their care responsibilities

£50 could help to pay for regular befriending calls to some of the most vulnerable people in our communities

£100 could help us continue to campaign for the funding and long-term reform the care system needs

Together we make a real difference

Campaigning for change

We're campaigning to ensure the Government delivers on its promise to fix our broken social care system. It needs funding and long-term reform. The cost to older people has been great, and we won't stop until real change has been made. Older people and carers deserve better. Together, we can ensure that everyone can get good quality care when they need it.

Providing clarity and support

In the absence of our social care system being fixed, comprehensive information and support for carers is vital. Whether you’re looking to arrange care, which can be challenging, or are unsure of the kind of care needed, Age UK’s online information and advice can help. When you feel alone, navigating a complicated system, there's someone to turn to.

Thank you for helping us be there for carers

Your support could give older people and their carers the support they need, now and in the future.

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