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How to leave a gift in your will

Thank you for considering leaving a gift to Age UK in your will. We hope the information below will help to answer any questions you might have about making this special gift. If you need any more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Why should I leave a gift in will to Age UK?

Gifts left to Age UK are absolutely vital to our work. They enable us to run our essential services for older people - including our advice line and Telephone Friendship Services. They help us to expand our work and look for new ways to tackle the issues facing people as they get older, such as poverty, loneliness and isolation. 

Much of what we do would not be possible without gifts in wills. Find out more about the difference your gift could make. 

What kind of gift can I leave to Age UK in my will?

There are 3 main types of gift you can leave in your will:

  • A residuary gift is a percentage of your estate once any specified gifts have been made to friends and family. Many of our supporters choose to leave this type of gift because its value will be dependent on the value of your estate at any given time rather than a set amount. This provides supporters with more flexibility when deciding how to ensure that their loved ones are well looked after first and foremost. 
  • A pecuniary gift is a specific amount of money. It’s worth bearing in mind that the effects of inflation mean that this type of gift is likely to lose value over time and may end up being less than you initially intend.
  • A specific gift is a gift of a specified item – such as a personal possession, land, buildings or stocks and shares.

I need to make a will. How do I get started?

Making a will might seem daunting, and it could be something you've been putting off. However, it's the best way to make sure your wishes are carried out after you die and can bring family or loved ones a lot of comfort at a difficult time. 

If you need to make a will, we can guide you through the process. 

Is it difficult to change my will to leave a gift to Age UK?

Not at all. In fact, if there are no other changes you want to make, you might decide to add a supplement to your will to make an amendment (known as a codicil).

Here's how to amend your will

Is there any suggested wording I should use to add a gift to Age UK to my will?

This suggested legal wording will assist your solicitor in drawing up or amending your will to include your gift to help our vital work.

Let us know you've left us a gift

Please let us know if you've included a gift in your will, so we can share our thanks for your wonderfully kind gesture. We understand your will is a private matter, so anything you share with us will be kept confidential. Call our legacy team, Elina or Tu'Shea, on 020 3033 1421 or email

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Last updated: Apr 13 2021

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