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Group of excited Age UK volunteers

Will you join us?

Every day, in so many ways, our volunteers give their time and effort to make an incredible difference for older people. Without them, we couldn't be here when we're needed most.

Be there when a lonely older person needs to talk. Be part of your community and provide vital support for older residents. Be inspired to raise money so more older people can get the help they deserve and need. 

Whatever you choose to do, and however much time you have to give, you'll be making an incredible difference for older people at a time in their lives when they need help the most.

Ways you can make a difference for older people

Volunteer for The Silver Line Helpline

The Silver Line is the only free and 24-hour helpline in the UK for older people over the age of 55 who feel lonely and isolated. We're looking for volunteers to help us.

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