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Age UK's Depop shop

A rack of clothes

Meet the volunteer helping to fight fast fashion

For many people, sustainable shopping is becoming a priority. Age UK’s charity shops are at the forefront of that environmental drive, and one of our volunteers has the future of preloved fashion at her fingertips.


A charity supporting older people and an online fashion app that’s revolutionising the way people buy their clothes might not initially seem an obvious fit. But since summer 2022, Age UK has been using fashion marketplace Depop to help raise money to fund our vital work. We caught up with volunteer Anna, who singlehandedly set up and now runs Age UK’s Depop shop, to find out more.

Anna describes Depop as 'Etsy meets Vinted.'  "It started as a means of selling secondhand clothes and a way of combatting the problem of fast fashion," she explains. "But people are now growing businesses on there, sometimes with clothes they make themselves."

The perfect fit

Anna recently graduated from university, having studied Media and Performance. Volunteering with Age UK has allowed her to pursue her passion for fashion while also benefitting a good cause.

"Fashion was always something I was interested in, but it was a bit more of a hobby. Volunteering with Age UK and running their Depop shop means I can come in and do something good and have some passion behind it."

An eye for a bargain

Anna volunteers with Age UK 2 days a week, from 11am until 5pm. Her time is spent photographing clothing either in flat lay (viewed from above) or on a mannequin before editing the images. She then uploads them to Depop for eager buyers to peruse the bargains. When asked what she enjoys the most about her role, Anna answers immediately: "Looking through the hauls of clothes!"

Volunteering with Age UK and running their Depop shop means I can come in and do something good and have some passion behind it.


Anna is never short of things to sell, with a regular influx of jackets, suits and jumpers helping her maintain a stream of exciting new stock. She usually uploads around 12 items to Depop each shift, and her appreciation for style means she can easily identify the gems that will catch a buyer’s eye.

For instance, Age UK is often lucky enough to receive generous donations of designer clothing. Depop is the perfect place to showcase these high-end finds. "Recently, a woman donated a brand new DKNY coat and the tag said £200," Anna says. Selling this coat on to a new owner will help generate much-needed funds for Age UK – as well as stopping quality clothing ending up in landfill. 

Visit Age UK’s Depop shop

Take a look at what Anna's been doing and find preloved fashion at affordable prices!

Skills for the next step

Anna recommends volunteering for Age UK to other students just out of university. "It looks good on your CV and is valuable experience. It’s been nice meeting everyone who works here – they’ve all been so welcoming."

Anna’s also developed transferrable skills that will help her when she enters the world of work. Since completing her university course she's found that "everywhere is asking for experience", which is why volunteering for charity can be such a win-win.

We couldn’t do it without people like Anna

Being part of Age UK’s volunteering family has opened Anna’s eyes to how a national charity runs. "I didn’t know about the scale of work that Age UK did, I thought it was just a helpline," she says. "It’s so interesting to see the other sides of things – like the warehouse [where our retail stock is housed], how the charity’s eBay shop is run, and to talk to everyone working behind the scenes in the offices."

Age UK relies on volunteers to help us continue our work for older people. We’re so grateful to Anna and our thousands of other volunteers for donating their time to make sure we can be there when we’re needed most.

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Last updated: Oct 20 2023

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