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5 reasons to stop avoiding writing your will

None of us likes thinking about a time when we’re no longer around.

Making a plan for what you want to happen after you die is one of the best ways to take control. 

Here’s why now’s the best time to write your will, and how our free guide can help you make a start.

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1. Writing your will is not as hard as you think

There are lots of people and organisations who can help, and many offer their services for free at certain times of the year. Our guide includes practical advice about making your will and takes you through the process step by step.

2. It's the best way to make sure your wishes are carried out

Your will is a reflection of your life and your wishes. It ensures that the money you've worked hard all your life for actually does go to the people and the causes you want it to. Our guide will help you consider in detail what you want to put in your will.

3. Having a will makes life easier for the people you love

If you don’t make a will, your money and assets might not go to the people you want them to. A valid will is also vital if you want to avoid any misunderstandings after your death. It can protect your loved ones from extra stress and uncertainly at an already difficult time.

4. You can change your will at any time

Writing your will doesn't mean it's set in stone. In fact, it's good to review your will every so often to make sure it still takes account of your wishes and any changes in your life (for example, if you've moved house or had grandchildren).

5. You can help your favourite causes without it costing you a penny

After you’ve provided for family and friends, leaving a gift in your will to your favourite charity is an incredible way to make sure the good work you care about can continue. Plus, it costs you nothing today.

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