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45 Reps a Day

Do 45 sit-ups, squats or burpees a day during March to raise money for Age UK.

Feel the burn. Raise some money. Support older people.

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  2. Select your exercise

    Select your exercise

    What'll it be: sit-ups, squats, burpees - or all three?

  3. Set up your fundraising page

    Set up your fundraising page

    And ask for donations from friends and family.

  4. Do your challenge!

    Do your challenge!

    Feel good and know you are making a difference.

The exercises




Or why not try an ULTRA CHALLENGE by doing all three?

Join the 45 Reps a Day Facebook group

Get encouragement for the challenge ahead. Share your progress, cheer each other on and get inspired.

Who you're helping


Retired schoolteacher Sheila, 77, has lived alone since her husband died in 2007.

Having polio as a child has meant she’s spent later life needing a wheelchair, with circulation so poor she desperately feels the cold.

Sheila is so worried about the cost of living. She sits in the local library for warmth, and turns the lights off and goes to bed at 7pm to save money.

Thankfully, Shelia heard about the Age UK Telephone Friendship Service and was matched with Rianne. Their regular chats have proved a lifeline for Sheila, giving her something positive to focus on and a reminder there is someone who cares.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register?

This event is free to take part in. You can simply complete the form here to register and join our Facebook group.

We will be sharing updates on the Facebook Group and via email on how to take on the challenge. We encourage everyone to set up a fundraiser to raise money for Age UK.

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How does the 45 reps a day challenge work?

Participants are challenged to complete 45 reps every day in March – you can choose between sit-ups, burpees or squats. The challenge officially starts on Wednesday 1 March and ends on Friday 31 March.

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How do I set up a fundraiser?

You can set up a fundraiser on Facebook or JustGiving.


To set up a FB fundraiser page, you can follow this link.

To edit your page once it’s been created, follow these steps:

  • Go to
  • Click ‘Edit fundraiser’.
  • Click three dots next to the Share button and click ‘edit fundraiser’.
  • You can change your header photo, fundraising target, description and end date.
  • Click save.


To set up a JustGiving page follow the link here.

You will be prompted to log in, if you have an existing account, or to set up a new one. Once you have done this follow the steps below.

  • Select what event you are doing ’45 reps a day’.
  • Choose your Fundraising page URL– this is the link you’ll be sharing with friends and family when asking them to donate.
  • Click ‘Create your page’ and job done!

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Is there a deadline to join?

You are welcome to join the challenge whenever you want, but we recommend joining as soon as you can, so you have plenty of time to complete the reps in the month and raise as much money.

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How do I complete the 45 reps a day?

You can break your reps down into sets within your day. Perhaps you could try:

  • 20 sets in the morning
  • 10 at lunch
  • 15 in the evening

If it feels like too much you can take more of a rest and break it down further.

Make sure you are following the best technique you can to complete either sit-ups, burpees, or squats to avoid any injury.

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How do I track my progress?

We don’t recommend any specific tracking apps for the reps but lots of the other supporters are sharing their recommendations in the Facebook group.

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What if I raise money in a different way?

If you wish to raise money offline, that's fine.

Here is a sponsorship form.

Contact us on and we can send you the bank or cheque details.


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How do I share my fundraiser?

To share your fundraiser in emails, whatsapp or on social media you need to go onto your fundraising page and you will see a ‘Share’ button and click ‘copy link’ or directly choose the platform you wish to share the page on.

You can paste the link into your emails at work, on other social media sites or message your friends and family directly via mobile.

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How will the money I raise help older people?

We are very grateful for every pound you raise for Age UK. Find out how you’ll be helping those facing the toughest of winters across the UK.

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Where can I join the Facebook group?

You can join the Facebook group here and get lots of tips and support from the community.

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How much do I need to raise?

There is not a specific fundraising target, but we suggest aiming for £100. You can ask 10 friends or family to donate £10 and you have smashed it!

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We're in this together! I'm here to support you with your challenge, so if you have any questions not covered by our FAQs, send an email to or join the Facebook group.


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