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Feeling anxious about coronavirus

Stay at home

The Government has asked everyone in the UK to stay at home. This means even people who may not be at a high risk should only leave the house for limited reasons. These measures are to help prevent the spread of the virus, and protect the most vulnerable.

Many of us are feeling anxious and a little on edge about the coronavirus. It’s OK to feel like this – it’s natural, in fact. But there are things you can do to feel less anxious with everything that’s going on at the moment.

Is the news making you nervous?

The constant stream of information we’re getting about coronavirus can feel overwhelming. And while staying up to date with the latest information is important, watching or rereading the same information over and over again makes it hard to switch off.

You could put a set time aside to catch up with the latest information. Maybe some time in the morning and the evening can be a good way to make sure you stay up to date without overloading yourself. It also gives you time to make the most of the rest of your day.

At the moment it’s very easy to stay plugged into the news, but there are plenty of other things you could do to keep yourself busy. Here are a few suggestions.

Also, to avoid any unnecessary stress, make sure you’re getting your information from reputable sources such as GOV.UK and trusted news outlets.

Tips for coping

Don’t ignore your worries. Talk about them.

You might be feeling particularly anxious about what’s going on because of your age, your health, or because of your living situation. Keeping this to yourself can often cause feelings of anxiety to worsen. Talking is the best way to start feeling better.

If you are struggling, let others know. It’s important to acknowledge these feelings and you might find that other people you speak to feel the same way.

Maintain routine

One of the best things you can do with everything being as uncertain as it is, is maintain a routine as best you can. It can be tricky but it can really help you feel better and more in control. Try to keep doing what you’d normally do as best you can. If you can’t do what you normally do, why not try and create a new routine that prioritises looking after yourself.

Whatever your routine, it’s important to make sure you:

  • Get as much fresh air as possible (even if it’s just going in the garden or opening a window)
  • Stay as active as you can
  • Eat well and regularly
  • Stay hydrated
  • Get enough sleep

Looking out for each other

However you’re feeling, it’s important to take care of yourself as much as you can. You should take practical steps to look after your wellbeing.

But it’s also important to keep an eye on those around us. Check in with your loved ones and call family members and friends for a chat to see how they’re doing and share some of these tips with them if you think they’d be helpful.

Are worried about someone you care for?

They may rely on you or outside care and support, and you’re concerned about what will happen if they become unwell.

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Last updated: Mar 26 2020

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