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Care home visiting: coronavirus guidance

The government has published guidance to help care homes ensure visits can take place as safely as possible. We explain this guidance and what it might mean for you when visiting a loved one. 

Can I visit someone in a care home?

The government has outlined that there should now not normally be restrictions on care home visits. 

However, visiting arrangements may change because of an outbreak of coronavirus in a care home or because a resident tests positive for coronavirus. If this happens, every resident should still be allowed to continue to have one visitor for indoor visits. 

If there is a change in circumstances due to coronavirus cases, if you're a visitor that provides personal care to someone you should take a coronavirus test before your visit and wear personal protective equipment (PPE). 

If you're feeling unwell, you shouldn't visit someone in a care home - even if you've tested negative for coronavirus and you're fully vaccinated. 

Visits for people at the end of their life should always be allowed. 

Government guidance

This page summarises what's outlined in the government guidance and how it may affect you. If you need more information, you can read the full guidance.

Are visits outside of a care home allowed?

All care home residents should be able to make visits out of the care home, for example, to visit loved ones, go to public places, or to attend day medical appointments.

Residents aren't required to take a coronavirus test or self-isolate following a visit out of the care home. 

Are you a carer?

If you're a carer, we have more information specifically for you.

Download our Advice for carers information guide

Download our Caring for someone with dementia information guide 

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Last updated: Apr 08 2022

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