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Age UK’s response to the NEA’s Cold Homes story

Published on 26 February 2016 02:30 PM

Age UK's response to the NEA's Cold Homes story stating: Cold homes claiming needless lives and costing every local health trust in England over £27,000 each day

Caroline Abrahams, Charity Director of Age UK said:

'Many older people live in poorly insulated homes, making it virtually impossible for them to keep them sufficiently warm during the winter months so they stay comfortable and well.

'Older people are vulnerable to cold weather but many health problems, even potentially serious ones, can be prevented by taking simple precautions to stay warm.

'The only long-term solution to this problem is an ambitious programme to bring all our housing up to a high energy efficiency standard. We realise a national infrastructure project of this scale would require major investment, but not only would this help older people to stay comfortable, fit and well, it would also cut costs to the NHS and create jobs and growth, supporting the economy.'


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Last updated: Oct 06 2017

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