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Media Contacts

Published on 13 March 2014 11:00 AM

We work closely with all media, so if you're planning a story on later life and looking for information on Age UK campaigns, services and other initiatives we're here to help.

We can provide spokespeople, facts and figures and offer comment on issues related to ageing in the UK or internationally.

Call us on 020 3033 1430 or out of hours on 07071 243 243. Our email is media@ageuk.org.uk.

If you have a general enquiry‚ please visit our contact us page.

Our Media Team

Policy and Campaigns

Liz Fairweather‚ Media Manager
Tel: 020 3033 1718
Email: liz.fairweather@ageuk.org.uk

Anne-Marie Doohan, Senior Media Officer (Thursday - Friday only)
Tel: 020 3033 1444
Email: anne-marie.doohan@ageuk.org.uk

Helen Spinney‚ Senior Media Officer (Tuesday - Wednesday only)
Tel: 020 3033 1713
Email: helen.spinney@ageuk.org.uk

Lauren Connors‚ Senior Media Officer
Tel: 020 3033 1268
Email: lauren.connors@ageuk.org.uk

Will Staynes‚ Senior Media Officer
Tel: 020 3033 1264
Email: william.staynes@ageuk.org.uk

Melissa Clarke‚ Case Study Researcher
Tel: 020 3033 1623
Email: melissa.clarke@ageuk.org.uk

Sarah Knapp, Group Head of Media, Campaigns and Engagement
Tel: 020 3033 1447
Email: sarah.knapp@ageuk.org.uk


Karen Richards‚ Media Manager
Tel: 020 3033 1428
Email: karen.richards@ageuk.org.uk

Hannah Barker-Green, Senior Media Officer
Tel: 020 3033 1427
Email: hannah.barker-green@ageuk.org.uk

Marilena Luxmoore, Senior Media Officer
Tel: 0203 033 1204
Email: marilena.luxmoore@ageuk.org.uk

Sara Guy, Senior Media Officer
Tel: 020 303 31466
Email: sara.guy@ageuk.org.uk


Martin Cairns, Head of Enterprise PR
Tel: 020 3033 1292
Email: martin.cairns@ageuk.org.uk

Emily Evison, Senior Media Officer, Age UK Enterprises
Tel: 020 3033 1265
Email: emily.evison@ageuk.co.uk

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Last updated: Oct 06 2017

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