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Response to social care figures in the Health Survey for England

Published on 14 December 2016 12:30 PM

Age UK has responded to social care figures highlighted in the release of this year's Health Survey for England.

The report showed that:

  • Levels of unmet need increased with age
  • 37% of men and 60% of women aged 85 and over had some unmet need with at least one ADL (activity of daily living, i.e. an unmet need such as getting dressed or going to the toilet)
  • 26% of men and 31% of women had some unmet need for help with at least IADL (instrumental activity of daily living).

Caroline Abrahams, Charity Director at Age UK said:

"Today's figures highlight how vital it is that a permanent solution is found to the funding crisis affecting the care of our older population: among all the over 85s in this country, two in three women and one in three men now have at least one unmet need for personal care. That means many are struggling without help to carry out fundamental daily tasks like washing or cooking, and without support they are surely at far greater risk of becoming seriously unwell so it's no wonder our hospitals are permanently full.

"We hope the Government will permit councils to raise council tax to pay for more social care next year but really this would be a wholly inadequate response to the multiple problems now engulfing older people's care. This care crisis is a national problem that requires a long term solution, one that only national Government can put in place. Ministers must face up to their responsibilities and lead."

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Last updated: Oct 06 2017

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