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Age UK responds to rise in pensioner poverty figures

Published on 16 March 2017 04:30 PM

Age UK has responded to the rise in pensioner poverty figures.

In response to the new poverty (Household Below Average Income 2015/6) figures published today, Caroline Abrahams, Charity Director at Age UK, said:

"After positive progress in recent years, it's a real concern that the number of pensioners in poverty has gone back up to 2008-09 levels, with 1.9 million pensioners now living below the poverty line. Unfortunately, this means that it's far from ‘job done' when it comes to ensuring that everyone has a decent income in retirement.

"These new figures also show that the triple lock remains a vital tool in the fight against pensioner poverty, giving millions of older people an element of financial security in an uncertain world, by ensuring the State Pension maintains its value over time.

"We are dismayed that despite so many pensioners struggling financially, as much as £3.5 billion in money benefits remains unclaimed by older people every year when this extra income could make a real difference to their quality of life. We would also urge any older person who is worried about money to get in touch with Age UK by calling our advice line free of charge on 0800 169 6565 or visiting for free information and advice."


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Last updated: Oct 06 2017

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