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On social care and the impact of cuts:

Published on 09 November 2010 12:30 AM

Michelle Mitchell, Charity Director at Age UK, said:

'Even seemingly modest cuts could see a quarter of a million older people lose the essential home-based care and support they rely on.'
'It's down to each local authority to protect the most vulnerable and frail in their community by promising to preserve local care funding and spend every penny of the £2 billion earmarked by the Treasury on social care. Councils need to prioritise the most vulnerable in spending decisions. It's in their power to prevent cuts to care, although that will undoubtedly mean difficult decisions elsewhere.'
'Tightening eligibility criteria is one way local authorities may try to make savings.  But at best, tightening eligibility criteria delivers short-term savings and stores up financial pressure for the future and passes costs to other parts of the public sector, particularly the NHS.'

'Thousands of frail, vulnerable older people rely on care at home.  If the Government is serious about looking after society's most vulnerable, it must keep social care funding under review and if necessary, increase the money it has set aside for care, should it become clear it is not enough.'

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