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Age UK comment on social care reform talks by Government

Published on 06 March 2020 04:51 PM

Caroline Abrahams, Charity Director at Age UK said:

“Unfortunately, this announcement, issued on a Friday afternoon, will not fill anyone who cares about the future of social care with much confidence. It is always good for Ministers to seek alternative views, but it is very disappointing that they appear not to be offering any of their own at this stage. A cross-party process would surely have a greater chance of success if Ministers were setting out some kind of basis for discussion, rather than leaving it to everyone to pitch in from their own starting point.

“The Prime Minister has pledged to fix social care and, blessed as he is with a very substantial majority, he has a better opportunity to fulfil that promise than any of his recent predecessors. For the sake of the millions of older and disabled people, and their families and carers, who depend on there being a reliable and effective care service in place, he must follow through. Of course, we are all aware of the many other issues the Government has to deal with, including now Coronavirus, but the refinancing and reform of social care is a pressing priority too and continuing delay simply makes life worse for users, and means there's an ever steeper hill to climb to restore our care system to a semblance of decency.”

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Last updated: Mar 18 2020

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