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Age UK Mobile Phones

OwnFone Mobile phone

A simple to use mobile phone for those in later life

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Discover the OwnFone Mobile2
Age UK Mobile Phones are provided by OwnFone Limited

Buying this product supports Age UK’s charitable work.

The OwnFone Mobile2 is a simple to use mobile phone specifically designed for people in later life.

Why choose Age UK Mobile Phones?

  • Choose from flexible price plans with no long-term contract
  • Switch price plans at any time with no penalty
  • 28-day, money back guarantee
  • 12-month warranty
  • Usage and costs calculated by the second. No rounding up to the nearest minute
  • Real people are ready to help on our dedicated UK helpline
  • Caring and understanding service with no pressure selling

What models are available?

OwnFone Mobile2 (Handset cost is £75.00 including delivery)

OwnFone Mobile1

The OwnFone Mobile2 gives you all the benefits of a mobile phone without the complications. It allows you to make and receive calls at the touch of a button so there is no need to dial – just press a name or picture and you’re connected.

  • Small and light - OwnFone is credit card sized and only weighs 40g.
  • Wearable - A colour matched lanyard is supplied with every OwnFone.
  • Safe and secure - OwnFone only calls the people you choose.
  • Ready to use - OwnFone arrives ready to use. Just turn on, make a call and start talking.

How much does it cost?

Handset costs

  • OwnFone: £75.00

How do I pay for calls?

There’s no need to worry about being tied into a contract or running out of credit and you can cancel at any time with just 30 days notice or switch to a price plan that better suits your needs.

You can pay by:

  • Direct debit
  • Top up
  • Pre-pay

Pay Monthly

Top Up

Special Offers

Monthly 50

  • 50 minutes per month
  • 50 texts per month
  • £7.50 per month

Top Up 10

  • 100 minutes per month
  • 100 texts per month
  • £10.00 per month
  • Valid for 60 days

6 Month Plan

  • 50 minutes per month
  • 50 texts per month
  • £40.00 one off payment

Monthly 100

  • 100 minutes per month
  • 100 texts per month
  • £10.00 per month

Top Up 15

  • 150 minutes per month
  • 150 texts per month
  • £15.00 per month
  • Valid for 60 days

12 Month Plan

  • 20 minutes per month
  • 20 texts per month
  • £50.00 one off payment

Monthly 500

  • 500 minutes per month
  • 500 texts per month
  • £15.00 per month

Top Up 20

  • 200 minutes per month
  • 200 texts per month
  • £20.00
  • Valid for 120 days

12 Month Plan

  • 50 minutes per month
  • 50 texts per month
  • £70.00 one off payment

How do I get one?

1. You can order the OwnFone right now online.

Buy online

2. Call on 0800 669 6644



Here are some answers to the most common questions asked about the OwnFone

Q. What is my phone number?

A. Your OwnFone number is printed on the back of the handset.

Q. How do I know the phone is turned on?

A. A blue light will flash on your phone when it is turned on.

Q. Can I adjust the volume?

A. To increase or decrease the call volume, press the buttons in the top left-hand corner of your phone during a call. To increase or decrease the ring tone volume, press the arrows when you are not making a call.

Q. How do I call the Emergency Services?

A. To make a call to the Emergency Services, press the 999 button three times to make a call. This option is only available if you have chosen to have a 999 button. As with other mobile phones, the OwnFone must be charged and requires a network signal to make or receive calls.

Q. How often does the OwnFone need charging?

A. Your OwnFone will arrive fully charged and the battery will typically last for up to four days. The light on the front of the phone will slowly flash red when it needs charging.

You'll be supplied with a charging cable, where one end needs to be plugged into the socket located at the bottom of the phone. At the other end of the charging cable there is a standard three-pin plug, which should be plugged into the mains.

The red light stays on while the OwnFone is charging and goes off when the phone is fully charged (after about 1.5 hours).

Q. Can I change the names and numbers on my OwnFone?

A. Yes, the numbers can be changed instantly over the phone by calling the OwnFone Limited Customer Services on 0845 459 6699. Changing the names is a bit more complicated and will require a replacement handset, for which there is a cost of £40.

Q. Does my OwnFone have an answerphone or voicemail service?

A. No, there is no voicemail service. An incoming call will just continue ringing until the caller ends the call.

Q. Will the OwnFone work abroad?

A. No, the OwnFone is only programmed to operate in the UK.

Q. Can I change to an alternative airtime tariff?

A. Yes, you can change to an alternative price plan, which will start from your next billing period (i.e. if you request it in January, the change will come into effect for your February bill).

Q. What happens if I go over my monthly airtime minutes?

A. Calls made over the allocated monthly minute plan will be charged at 15p per minute (you will receive a bill itemising the additional calls). If you regularly make a lot of additional calls, we will contact you to suggest that you move to another tariff that offers better value for money.

Q. Is the OwnFone covered by a warranty?

A. The OwnFone is covered for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase for breakdown and repair.

Q. What if my OwnFone is lost or stolen?

A. To report a lost or stolen phone, call the OwnFone Limited Customer Services on 0845 459 6699 and they will temporarily suspend your OwnFone service. OwnFone will then arrange to produce and dispatch a new phone. There will be a charge of £40 for a replacement handset. But the good news is that the OwnFone can only ever be used to call the pre-programmed numbers.

Q. Does the OwnFone use a SIM card?

A. Your OwnFone has a non-removable SIM card pre-installed. It is not possible to use any other SIM card in your OwnFone.

Q. Can you can accidentally press a button and call someone when the phone is in your pocket for instance?

A. The mobile has an on/off button which can be used to turn the phone off at the user’s convenience. This prevents any calls being made. When the phone is on each button needs a direct press to be activated and to date we haven’t had any reports of accidentally-pressed buttons being a problem.

There's also a lanyard provided which arrives already attached to the phone and when it is worn in this style it would be unusual for buttons to be accidentally pressed.

Q. Can I make international calls?

A. At present, airtime coverage for the OwnFone is restricted to the UK only.

Q. Can I receive calls made from abroad?

A. As long as the OwnFone is in the UK, you can receive international calls from anyone and anywhere in the world.

Q. Will the phone be available for use outside of the UK in the future?

A. Plans to make the OwnFone available for use outside of the UK are currently being reviewed.

Q. Is the OwnFone only for use by older people?

A. The OwnFone can be used by anyone who wants a simple, straightforward and easy-to-use mobile phone.

Age UK Mobile Phones are provided by Ownfone Limited (English company no. 8802990) in association with Age UK Trading CIC.

Age UK Trading CIC (English community interest company no. 01102972) is a trading subsidiary of Age UK (English charity no. 1128267) and donates its net profits to Age UK.

Through its sales of Age UK Mobile Phones, Ownfone Ltd will raise £10,000 during 2016/17 for Age UK Trading CIC.