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National Trust

National Trust

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The most beautiful houses, gardens and coastlines in the UK are part of this charity. Join the partnership tours to experience these special places.

Experience the magic of unique properties, lovingly cared for, and their stunning gardens on escorted tours around the UK and in hand-picked European locations.

These tours are a superb opportunity to travel comfortably to several stately homes and towns, with all the logistics handled by others.  You can simply relax and enjoy!

Just Go! Holidays

The exclusive, established partnership between the National Trust and Just Go! Holidays offers tours for members and non-members alike to discover the superb locations that the Trust is custodian of across England, Ireland and parts of Europe too.

If history is your interest and buildings or gardens a fascination, then these holidays will delight you.  The National Trust care for and maintain many unique places that are part of England's heritage.

Each tour is accompanied by a specialist guide who will really enhance your visit with extra information and often unexpected tales about the people who lived and worked in the magnificent properties.

While on the tour, you will be staying at good quality hotels, where dinner is provided. Your tour manager will ensure that any potential glitches are swiftly smoothed out, and should you be a single traveller, they will ensure you are comfortable in the group.

Convenience guaranteed

If you prefer to drive directly to the hotel, rather than being picked up at one of the highly convenient local stops across the UK, there will be a reduction. Just as there is for current members of the National Trust.

For those who are already members of the National Trust, there is a cost reduction, as there is for those who drive themselves to the tour’s hotel.  Coaches pick up from around the UK, making it easy and convenient if you prefer to leave the car at home.

For everyone who travels with Just Go! Holidays, a donation is made to the National Trust.


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