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Age International Nepal Kanchi

In April and May 2015, Nepal was hit by two devastating earthquakes. More than 8,900 people were killed, over 22,500 were injured and half a million houses were destroyed. This is the story of Kanchi – one of 2,126 survivors we provided shelter for, through our international charity, Age International.

Kanchi had an arranged marriage when she was 13 years old. After she was given some land by the Nepalese Government, her husband beat her and made her transfer the property to his name.

He threw Kanchi and their nine children out onto the street. Kanchi built a new home for her family with her own two hands – selling chickens to get by.

‘My courage has never left me and that is the main reason why I am still here today: because I have faith, hope and courage,’ she says.

In 2015, when Kanchi was 63, the Nepal earthquake tore down the home that she had built for herself and her family. Age International supported Kanchi to build another new home and helped her to get her chicken business up-and-running again.

Kanchi says, ‘I’m not sure what my life would’ve been like without support. I imagine I would have had to leave this village or go from house to house begging.’

Age International is the only UK charity dedicated to the needs of older people in developing countries. Age UK and Age International, raised over £550,000 for survivors of the Nepal earthquakes as well as taking part in the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) Appeal which raised a total of £85 million.

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