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On Tuesday 19 April 2016 the Charity Commission and Ofgem both published reports into Age UK's commercial partnership with E.ON.

Age UK has been cleared of misleading allegations in the media.

The Ofgem report is very simple - there was no breach of regulations and no need for further investigation.

The Charity Commission report recognises the need for charities to come up with different ways of raising funds and acknowledges Age UK's leading role in this.

Age UK's statement

An Age UK spokesperson said: "We welcome the Charity Commission's report about Age UK's trading activities and Ofgem's report also published today.

“We are especially pleased that, with respect to the Age UK energy tariff, Ofgem has found no breach of the regulations, and that the Commission has addressed the misconceptions about pricing and has acknowledged that the tariff had regard to the particular needs of older people

“We accept we can never be too transparent and our trading arm needs a sharper demarcation from the Age UK charity.

“We want every customer of our trading arm to know who they have bought from, that any surplus is then gifted to our charity, and how this then benefits older people in need. We will be making some changes so this is always crystal clear.

“We are glad that the benefits commercial partnerships can bring to charities and those they support have been recognised by the Charity Commission and we hope the changes we will be making in response to this report will help other charities too."

- Read the Charity Commission report

- Read the Ofgem report

Further information

For more information: Call Age UK on: 0800 169 8787

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